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Purina® Impact® Professional Performance
Purina Impact Pro Performance
Formulated with performance horses in mind Purina® Impact® Professional Performance features Outlast®, scientifically proven to support gastric health. High quality protein for improved top-line and recovery. Added fat for bloom and performance. Corn-free formula is low in starch and sugar. Protein, vitamin and amino acid profile supports bone strength, muscle, and immune function.
Purina® Impact® Professional Mare and Foal
Breeding horses need extra calories, and the added fat (16%) in Purina® Impact® Professional Mare & Foal does just that. The corn-free formula is low in starches and sugar. The proteins, vitamins and amino acids are designed to meet the needs of mares and foals.
Triple Crown Complete

A high fiber, beet pulp-based feed. Ideal for hard keepers, performance horses and horses with COPD/Heaves or Gastric Ulcers. May also be used as a complete diet.

Triple Crown Senior

A high fat, grain free, beet pulp based feed. May be used as a complete diet. Senior also works well for horses of any age to maximize fiber and keep starch and sugar low.  Consider senior for horses with compromised digestive systems or teeth issues.

Top of the Rockies Alfalfa Horse Cubes

Top of the Rockies Alfalfa Horse Cubes are made from high protein, coarse chopped, sun-cured alfalfa with no dyes! Alfalfa cubes can be used to replace a portion or all of your horses forage needs.


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